Resident Joy Gorman with her daughter, Nina Duffy

Renaissance Park Multi Care Center in Fort Worth, Texas, celebrated its female residents with a special Mother’s Day tea on May 13, 2017.


The event included live entertainment by Craig Armstrong and plenty of hot tea and croissants to share. Pink tablecloths and balloons added to the festive atmosphere.


“Our Mother’s Day tea was so special and made my day,” said Joy Gorman, a resident at the facility. “The entertainment singer had a beautiful voice, and the hot tea and croissants were delicious.”


Residents were also given gift bags to enjoy. The goodies included a Mother’s Day bookmark, a pen and notepad and a packet of various seeds for residents to grow in planters.


“Every year with my mom becomes extra special on Mother’s Day,” said Nina Duffy, Gorman’s daughter. “Thank you for making this year so special for both of us – the tea luncheon was so pretty, and the staff worked so hard to provide great food and entertainment. It will always be a happy memory for me!”